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Cytometa Cloud - Innovative dashboard

Cytometa Cloud is a brand-independent platform for online monitoring of water quality parameters. Per measurement position, the parameters relevant to you are bundled. Thus, we offer you as a customer detailed insight into the process control of water treatment. 

The water industry is generating more and more data, which on its own provide little insight. Cytometa Cloud connects this data together in an insightful dashboard. Maximize your process knowledge, make better decisions and save time and energy by having all relevant parameters always available to you online.


BactoSense parameters

Cytometa Cloud reads all relevant BactoSense parameters and will displays them in a clear dashboard:

  • Total Cell Count (TCC)
  • Intact Cell Count (ICC)
  • Low Nucleic Acid (LNA)
  • High nucleic Acid (HNA)

Drinking water parameters

Cytometa Cloud reads all relevant BactoSense parameters and will displays them in a clear dashboard:

  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity
  • Oxygen
  • pH
  • Pressure
  • Nitrite
  • Nitrate
  • SAK-254

Cytometa is a brand-independent platform for online monitoring of drinking water quality parameters.

Clear insight

Cytometa Cloud bundles all available parameters per measurement position in a clear dashboard. Trend views of a sample point help you to interpret parameter changes in the right context.

As a drinking water company, your goal is to use as little disinfection as possible for drinking water. To do this, a monitoring system must be set up showing that microbial development in water is stable. Flow cytometry provides insight but is difficult to interpret. It is therefore important to add multiple meta parameters to give meaning to the measurement results.

Cytometa provides a platform where an FCM fingerprint is displayed in combination with meta parameters. Moreover, it is possible to have a dataset analyzed via Kytos. In short, you no longer need to make a site visit to study an FCM fingerprint. Cytometa Cloud offers you insight into all data, wherever you are.

Ease of use

Cytometa Cloud was developed in consultation with De Watergroep, Water-Link, Farys, KWR and HWL. We listened to the needs of the field. And you will notice that in the ease of use. Cytometa brings your parameters together in a clear overview. Monitoring all data becomes easy. The dashboard can be used on all devices. From your desk chair you have access to all measurement data of both mobile applications and stationary sample points. Do you have a question or need technical support despite the ease of use? Our service team is available 24 hours a day by e-mail.

  • Measurement data accessible online anywhere, anytime
  • Always quick access to measurement data, independent of mobile network quality
  • Study measurement data trends online
  • Direct action thanks to connection to Scada
  • Fleet management: insight into cartridge levels, faults and alarms
  • Physical visits to remote sample points are no longer necessary

Plug & play

Plug in the Cytometa router and start receiving measurements immediately. All measurements are stored securely and encrypted in the cloud and can always be accessed quickly and easily. The Cytometa router provides a secure connection between the BactoSense and the Cytometa Cloud environment. There is no need to run additional systems in your own corporate network.

Parameters are bundled per measurement position. This allows you, the customer, to better control the water treatment process. 

Maximize your process knowledge, better substantiate decisions and save time and energy.

You always have all relevant parameters available to you online.

Partners in development

As an startup, Cytometa is rapidly evolving. We are brand-independent, which means we can connect virtually all sensors and instrumentation to our platform. Currently, our focus is on drinking water parameters. In the coming years, we will also make our system suitable for the disinfection industry. We offer customized solutions for specific requirements and ensure close contact with our users. Feedback from customer requirements are incorporated into our platform. We are currently in talks with drinking water companies in Europe as a partner.

5 redenen om voor Cytometa te kiezen

  • Inzicht – alle parameters locatieonafhankelijk helder in een oogopslag
  • Merkonafhankelijk platform – koppelt met elk meetsysteem
  • Maatwerk mogelijk – uw specifieke wensen staan centraal
  • Expertise – uitgebreide kennis over ontwikkeling van soft- en hardware
  • Service – technische ondersteuning is 24/7 bereikbaar

About Cytometa


Cytometa is an startup company with a focus on the water processing industry. We are committed to improving water quality by providing insight into the ever-increasing flow of sensor data.

Our company originated from a customer request to make data obtained through flow cytometry transparent online. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a technically strong product and good support.

Our team consists of professionals who believe that our innovative solution can make the drinking water industry safer, more efficient and more innovative. We have it all.


Would you like to know more about our solution? We would be happy to get in touch with you.

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